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We are so happy to see Phife. Can't believe she has dealt so well with being moved across continents. She is on such great form We wanted to say a big thank you to you, Anita, for looking after her so well. She really is in terrific condition. Her coat looks amazing and she looks incredibly well exercised (you can see her muscles so she's obviously in great health and that's down to you). You really have been a star at accommodating all our last minute requests and putting up with our disorganization. Thank you for making the transition so painless, smooth and easy. Zara and I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is so lovely to know that she had a home away from home with you and that she was loved and that her uniqueness was recognized by others. It means a lot that someone with so much experience with dogs can pick up on her amazing character...we love her dearly and we're so happy she's with us again. Thank you so much for everything and Phifey sends all her love!!!

Miles + Zara

First of all thank you for thinking of us /Tess and for the lovely photo of Tess and Rowdy - it gives us such solace that she is well looked after at Yapperville and the picture could not have said it better! Thank you to Yapperville and all your staff again for providing a home away from home for Tess.


Dear Anita, Thank you so much for the pictures. I have admit to having a few tears when I saw Baruti. She looks very happy and thank you so much for looking after her for such a long time. It is so nice for us all to see her looking so chuffed. Mark is slowly getting himself sorted out and I think looking forward to getting her down with him. He misses her terribly and really needs the company. I can't thank you enough Anita for being so fabulous with her. Please give Baruti a hug from us all here.

Clare x

We are really loving having the creatures back, we have been down to the beach with them-its actually been sunny! Digby is Pauls shadow, he goes to work with him everyday-if he didnt I may strangle him as he spends the day stealing socks and toys and chewing sticks in the lounge!! Really glad you’re still in touch with Karen and expanding your dog export 'side'. You and Karen made something very hard and stressful a lot easier, so big big thanks.

Kayna x

Hi Anita, I received Robin's message saying that Pip arrived safely and travelled well. I'm really pleased because I was a bit worried she may have thrown up in your car. We arrive back in Nairobi on 1st May late in the evening so the 2nd would be good for Pippi's return (if convenient). Thanks again, I can go away knowing Pip's in great hands.


Hi Anita, We got Whistler early Saturday morning - he was very excited to see us and he seemed like he'd been ok. His crate was clean, which was nice to see! Once we got into the van and started to drive to Tennessee, he fell asleep instantly. I think he was pretty exhausted and releaved to see us. Thank you again for all of your help. We would have had a much harder time getting him here without you.