• Dog kennels and cat enclosures are provided for:

      • Boarding pets when owners are going away on holiday/business or looking for a house.
      • Bitches in season to avoid the hassle at home and unwanted matings. This is usually a period of around 21 days.
      • Post-operative rest and recuperation and treatment supervised by a qualified vet if the owner feels they can’t cope at home.
      • Pre-export and post-import boarding.
      • Microchip insertion for export - a MUST for majority of countries.


      You are strongly advised to make holiday reservations well in advance to avoid disappointment. These bookings are also fully payable in advance in order to obtain a confirmation. Due to non-compliance regarding deposits and accurate dates we have no choice but to charge the full amount up front as was our original policy.
      If a suitable replacement booking cannot be made for holiday bookings a pro rata refund may be considered at the discretion of Management. An administration fee is payable for cancelled holiday bookings.

      N/B: Download Yoani Yapper-Ville Boarding Agreement