Booking Request

Making a Booking Request

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY to understand how to make a request properly

You can now check for availability, and send a pre-booking request – CLICK on the button below and follow the Login/Register prompts.

PLEASE NOTE - this system does NOT create a booking – it simply holds a spot for you until we can confirm it.

Once registered you will be asked to put in your PETS details - NAME Surname (e.g NALA Bloggs - we have many dogs/cats with the same first name!). Please be HONEST with the weight of your dog - if it arrives and is bigger than stated the boarding equivalent balance will be charged. Vaccination EXPIRY dates are required please. If you do not know the EXACT Date of Birth for your pet, please make an educated guess:).

Some of your PERSONAL details - Name SURNAME (e.g. Joseph BLOGGS).

ALWAYS remember to 'SAVE' your details.

Enter the dates you request.

RUN = a SPACE. This does not refer to a KENNEL - every dog/cat must be booked into a space. We allocate the kennels (whether sharing or not) from our side.

Add APPOINTMENTS for TRANSPORT (even if you are doing your own). Your pet will be coming IN to boarding and going OUT of boarding when it returns home.

Please note that SCHEDULED transport runs are ONLY ONCE PER WEEK on a WEDNESDAY from the designated meeting points (See our Pick Up Points ). Kindly put in 'NOTES' which transport location you prefer to save on time.

At busy times we will run extra trips in a week and if the Wednesday transport is FULL then we will move you to the next available day for confirmation.

IT IS VERY EASY - and if not, please let us know:)!!

Serious requests ONLY, please! We look forward to hearing from you.