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Dear Anita: We are elated to report that Petu arrived safely in NYC today. She went to the bathroom right away and then slept and snored away in the car on her way home. She did not like the dry food Laura got, but loved the chicken and brown rice she had prepared for her other 2 dogs. Shen then went to the den and is laying next to my mother-in-law, who rubbed her tummy for a long time. THANK YOU SO MUCH ANITA FOR YOUR INCREDIBLE HELP THROUGHOUT THIS PROCESS. It means the world to us. You were outstandingly caring and professional and we appreciate it. With deepest gratitude and appreciation,

Claudia, TOm and all the Solomons

Thank you anita! That does look like a lovely place for a cat holiday. Kids will be thrilled with the pics.

Cheers Jo

Anita, ...just a quick note to tell you how healthy Kifa looks. She looks fit and has even put on weight (good weight). She's solid and seems to have even grown some. So, the big question for us is, what did you feed her? How ofter per day? We'd love to know what her diet was at your Kennel so we can mirror it. Please be well and thanks again,


It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. All is well with the pets, now at home and already back with their old routine and mischief. Thank you for looking after them so well.


Hi Anita and Robin, Thanks so much for all you have done with Wanda, all's is well back at home, she is back to being a sweet and happy doggy once again. We haven't had any arguments just lots of waggling! All the best


Great to hear from you! Thanks for the update. I'm so glad Jack and I found you.