Who we are

At Yapperville dogs and cats come first.

Yoani Yapperville should be your first choice for boarding and international travel for your pet!

We strive to provide nothing but the best – the highest quality of care and attention to detail – appreciating the different needs of each animal – and accepting the fact that dogs are social animals and love exercise and space - but also considering the individual devotion and comforts that they are used to from their ‘home life’. So we endeavor to provide the ultimate ‘HOME AWAY FROM HOME’ experience.

Our Objectives:

  • We take great pride in seeing happy dogs in our kennels - this is the measure of success.
  • We want to maintain the “personal touch” with our clients and their pets.
  • We don’t want to get too big such that a pet becomes a “number”.
  • We want to provide a relaxed and natural environment for dogs to “just be dogs” and express their normal behavior (as far as possible).
  • Cats are more difficult because of their independence and shyness, but we serve to provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere for them – for many purely ‘indoor’ cats they love to just feel the sun on their backs and grass under their feet!!
  • Stress-free, quick and efficient international import and export with the pet’s welfare being paramount.

There was a burning need in Kenya for a professional and spacious kennel set up that catered for long term boarders. With Anita’s kenneling experience and her passion for small animals combined with the space available on Stanley & Son Limited’s 5000 acre farm, Yoani Yapperville was born in April 2010.

  • Yoani Yapperville opened with just 8 massive dog kennels.
  • We now have 43 dog kennels and 29 cat enclosures.
  • We are the FIRST Members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transport Association) in Kenya taking care of the export and import of pets.