Requirements for Export Out of Kenya


General EXPORT Requirements FROM KENYA to ALL destinations:

  • The pets’ ORIGINAL up-to-date vaccination card showing Rabies inoculation having been received within 12 months but not less than 30 days prior to travel - unless 3 year validity is CLEARLY indicated.
  • An ID/Microchip certificate for the pet. Most countries now require this - and we recommend it as most airlines now require it as identification of the pets.
  • The address and phone number of the recipient in the destination country.
  • The owner’s passport details.
  • An IATA compliant travel box. There are specific size requirements depending on the size/breed of the pet which we can advise on. (Dog Box Measurement - Diagram). Please confirm sizing before purchasing a crate - freight is charged on volumetric weight, and therefore the bigger the box the more expensive the flight. There are however specific size requirements to prevent animals from being put into boxes too small such that it is uncomfortable and/or detrimental to the animals welfare.
  • A Copy of the destination country’s Import Permit/license/permission slip (if necessary) stating their specific import requirements.
  • Veterinary Health Certificate from your vet (valid for 3 – 4 days prior to departure date). Ensure all the specific requirements for the destination are indicated on this certificate.
  • An Export Permit from the Kenyan Authorities (valid for 14 days prior to departure date). This can only be obtained through a REGISTERED agent as the processing is all done online these days. ORIGINAL documentation will need to be shown to get this permit.
  • An Airway Bill (AWB) from the airline with the correct Consignee and Notify Party details at destination.
  • All ORIGINAL documents MUST travel WITH the dog.

Not all the requirements for every destination round the world can be detailed here, but the following are some of the more common destinations and their specific requirements as a "STEP-BY-STEP" guideline over and above the general requirements already mentioned:

Specific Country Requirements

We use different airlines and routings to get your pet(s) to its destination. Our basic criteria is the shortest possible time with the safest transit route if applicable, the airline’s reputation for handling Live Animals, costing and flight flexibility for long haul.

Export fees will include some of, if not all, and not only the following: Airline Freight, Insurance, Fuel surcharge, Bond Fee, Storage, Handling, Security, Export License, Live Animal Holding Fee, Processing and Export Handling, Veterinary Inspector and Agency Fee.