Our facilities








    • Each ‘block’ is made up of a thatched rondavel house divided into 4 spacious kennels. The thatching ensures that the kennels are cool during the day but warm at night.
    • Each kennel has an inside sleeping area measuring 5M squared, and an outside grassy lawn area measuring 9m x 9m with a tree in each – this means there is some shade throughout the day.
    • Each kennel is spacious enough such that dogs from the same “family” can share thus avoiding the stress of separating them.
    • Dog baskets and blankets are provided as bedding however, where possible owners send their pet’s own blanket to make the dog feel more at home in their “own bed”.
    • A nutritious diet formulated by BRAVO is fed twice a day to suit each pets requirements.
    • Fresh farm milk is given on a daily basis if the pet is allowed.
    • Each kennel is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

    • Each enclosure has it’s own private thatched wooden sleeping box raised off the ground and accessible by a rustic ladder.
    • The enclosure measures 2.5m(W) x 6m(L) x 2m(H).
    • There are tree stumps and branches for the cats to climb on and rub themselves against.
    • A large, natural outdoor ‘litter’ corner is set away from the sleeping area and the sand changed regularly.
    • A choice of imported tinned food and nutritious cat biscuits are provided.