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We had an unexpected and last minute move to Zambia. Having anticipated driving down, we, and animals, were then obliged to fly. Moving animals by air cross-borders is a minefield: get it wrong and you could have animals sent back or horribly delayed. Anita knew precisely what to do, how to do it and directed me clearly and quickly, arranging crates and mobilizing paperwork. Our animals arrived spot on after ten days in her kennels where they were so well looked after with spacious enclosures and lovely long farm walks. Moving is a horribly stressful experience, handing over my animals - two Labradors and a geriatric cat - to Anita meant they have come out if all much better than their owner! Thank you Anita and Robin!

Anthea Rowan

Yapperville is THE place to take your dog if you are looking for kennels that offer more than what your average vet can offer. Anita and her excellent team looked after our two dogs for almost a month while we were moving abroad, and when they arrived at the airport in Stockholm they looked happy and healthy with bright eyes and shiny coats. Anita kept us updated on their progress a couple of times a week, telling us stories about the long walks they had been on and what they had been up to. Anita was honest and understanding with us from the start and dealt with us in a professional and caring manner that went beyond the norm. I cannot recommend Yapperville enough to anyone who is thinking of taking their pets abroad, or just needs somewhere for their animals to stay for a while. The care and attention given to each animal is fantastic, and our dogs seemed to really enjoy it there! The Kennels are clean and cosy with lovely space indoors and out, and the dogs go on lovely long walks around the ranch each day. Anita I cant thank you enough for the wonderful way you helped us, Thanks to you our little family is now complete again on the other side of the world!

Kim Harries

Dear Anita, We are going away in March and we are hoping that you can keep Malbec for us again! I must say we were really pleased when we saw the wonderful photos you sent of the groups of dogs on the walk over the holidays, also Malbec came back leaner & more fit than when we dropped her to you before the holidays! Overall a great holiday for the dog! Thank you,


Dear Anita, Many thanks for your notice and for your willingness to pick up pets all the way up near Gigiri. I have to admit - there is no other kennel I know who offers that service at your price, so thank you..... a lot!


Dear Anita, Again, we really appreciate your Kennel and were thrilled to have peace of mind over the holidays, as well as the personal touch of the pictures that you shared. Thank you for your wonderful service and we hope that Mali can continue to come stay with you should we need to travel again.

Leigh, Matt, and Mali

They look fantastic! Will update more later, thanks for the Yappaville care! Best in the WORLD!

XO Nancy