Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you have fleas and ticks?

    Yappa Ville is on a farm with other livestock and therefore there is a risk of ticks and fleas. Whilst every effort is made to disinfect the kennels regularly, as an extra precautionary measure we provide, free of charge to boarders >14 days, a treatment with Advantix immediately your dog is checked in to the kennels.

    For long term boarders this will be repeated every 4 weeks at the clients expense.

    We do advise clients to treat their dogs with Advantix/Frontline BEFORE they come to us, especially if boarding for <14 days.

  • Is my dog ‘protected from the elements’ and wild animals?

    Yes. All the kennels have a spacious inside area which protects them from the rain. On hot days the thatched roof keeps the kennel very cool. At night all the dogs are locked into their house where it is warm and safe.

  • My pet is currently on medication. Can you continue with his treatment whilst he is staying with you?

    Yes. All drugs can be administered as prescribed.

  • Will my dog/cat escape?

    Each dog kennel has a 2m high chain link fence around its garden. Some fences have higher extensions to prevent the particularly athletic individuals from jumping out. Dogs likely to run away when walking are kept on a long leash.

    However, our experience thus far has shown that by exercising the dogs sufficiently and by maintaining a happy and relaxed atmosphere around the kennels the dogs enjoy being here and feel at home.

    Each cat enclosure is completely fenced in on all sides.