Extra Services




    • Vet on site for routine work or any emergencies;
    • Vaccinations and deworming.
    • Administration of medication if needed.
    • All dogs bathed once per week with Bayer BACDIP PLUS to prevent ticks/fleas.
    • All dogs washed a groomed prior to return.
    • Collection and delivery from/to Nairobi from Rotther Vet Clinic (Karen, Off Miotoni Road) and Karura Forest (off Limuru Road). NEW specially designed vehicle for a comfortable and safe trip.
    • MICROCHIP your dogs while they are here. We have a top-of-the-range scanner able to read almost any brand of microchip! It is a very quick, relatively cheap and excellent investment in the security of your pet and a requirement for export to most countries.
    • Custom made WOODEN TRAVEL BOXES for export.
    • *NEW* - TRAVEL KENNELS for sale. IATA Compliant. 6 different sizes available (in cms). Discounts given to those who use Yapperville to execute the full export process:
      • L122 x W81 x H90
      • L110 x W73 x H80
      • L100 x W68 x H75
      • L80 x W56 x H58
      • L70 x W51 x H54
      • L60 x W40 x H40